• A lot of projects and there is no information of projects implementation status in real-time
  • It is difficult to plan and collect project data
  • Use many different independent software tools
  • There is no single data store
  • It is difficult to trace the movement of information
  • Low labor productivity
  • High document processing costs
  • There is no instant access to up-to-date information and convenient search for documents
  • There is no way to share access to documentation between employees and contractors
  • High risks of document loss
  • There is no way to ensure collective work on documents at the same time
  • Ineffective control over the execution of documents
The implementation of Appius-PLM EDMS allows, by automating the processes of development, receipt, review, approval, storage and search, to increase the efficiency of working with documents, as well as their quality.
  • 1
    organization of structured data storage for projects
  • 2
    organization process management, project planning
  • 3
    document lifecycle management
  • 4
    report generation (including for external e-mail)
  • 5
    web-based access and differentiation of rights
  • 6
    open-source code and ready-made integration solutions with AutoCAD, Revit, Adobe Acrobat, 1C: ERP, etc.
  • 1
    Project structure management - classification by construction objects
  • 2
    Managing the process of preparing documentation (work schedule calendar, monitoring the implementation of tasks, approval process)
  • 3
    Compliance with the requirements of GOST 21.101-2020
  • 4
    Two-way integration with Autodesk AutoCAD - search, open, save drawings, synchronize drawing properties and Appius-PLM document settings, etc.
  • 5
    Management of project design, detailed design and estimate documentation (PD, RD, SD)
  • 6
    Management of standard process documentation (NTD)
  • 7
    Management of vendor (detailed construction) documentation (RKD)
  • 8
    Management of permission and as-built documentation
  • 9
    Multi-criteria search for projects/documents by their attributes, creating public and private selections
  • 10
    Management of document statuses and conditions
  • 11
    Associative connection (dependence) between documents placed in the system
  • 12
    Formation of several classifiers of projects/objects/documents
  • 13
    Automatic generation of project / object / document designation with uniqueness check
  • 14
    Managing different versions of documents, issue of design change authorization
  • 15
    Registration of documentation movement with creation of transmittals
  • 16
    Automation of a hard-copy archive (indication of storage locations, barcoding, issuance to users, etc.)
  • 17
    Creating scope of work lists, specifications of materials and equipment for individual sections and throughout the project
  • 18
    Work with a restrictive list of equipment, materials, standard and other products, etc.
  • 19
    Uploading files by project / object / document
  • 20
    Role and object differentiation of access rights to system elements, use of Electronic Digital Signature (EDS)
  • 21
    Keeping a user actions log
  • 1
    Project structure (templates)
  • 2
    Element Properties and Relationships
  • 3
    Auto numbering
  • 4
    Access rights
  • 5
    Approval processes
  • 6
    User interfaces
  • 7
    Distribution Lists


Project structure management, associative links between documents, document status management, work with files of any format, fast data loading, customizable access rights and multi-criteria search
Taskbar for each user, control of deadlines, simplified interaction of all project participants
Project progress monitoring, work schedule, resource management, scope analysis, time control
Automation of the document review and approval process with the possibility of adding comments to the document and further sending it for correcting and reissue, distribution of the roles of participants in business processes in accordance with the functionality
Fast data loading, easy use and integration with other systems
Automated recording of documents in hard copies, barcoding, address storage
Recording for the receipt and transfer of documentation to contractors and within the organization with automated generation of accompanying documents
Work with different versions of documents, history of changes, permission to change, use of electronic signature and QR codes
List of selected documentation, transmittals list, picking list, work scope list, equipment and materials specification, etc.


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APPIUS Company is an engineering and consulting company, a leading Russian developer of PLM solutions based on the 1C: Enterprise 8 digital platform. APPIUS solutions are designed for effective management of the entire enterprise as a single complex. The solutions are based on deep knowledge of the subject area and 20 years of experience in developing various CAD/CAM/CAPP/PDM systems, design and estimate documentation management systems.

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